Dress Code Sistine Chapel

During the visit to the Sistine Chapel, appropriate clothing is required for respect of the sacredness of the place.

The Vatican Guards can prevent access to the Vatican Museums if the dress code is not respected and inappropriate clothes are worn.

The entrance to the Sistine Chapel is allowed only to visitors properly dressed.

How to dress for the visit of the Sistine Chapel

It is preferable to wear long trousers and long-sleeved shirts.
Hats, low-cut or sleeveless dresses, shorts, miniskirts are not allowed. Pants and torn t-shirts are not recommended.
You can buy plastic capes to wrap around to cover your knees and shoulders.

For men it is recommended the use of a shirt even if it is also fine a shirt as long as it does not contain offensive images or slogans.

Women are forbidden to have bare shoulders. A solution in summer can be to take with you a cover to wear inside the Museums.

It is recommended to use comfortable shoes since the visit of the Vatican Museums lasts on average three hours.

At the moment, for health reasons, it is mandatory to wear the mask to cover nose and mouth.

For more information on the rules to follow within the Sistine Chapel, please refer to the page with useful information for the visit.

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