Inside the Sistine Chapel every year a Mass is celebrated on the occasion of the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord (the first Sunday after the Epiphany), during which the Pope baptizes newborns.
In 2022 the ceremony returned after a year was missed due to the health emergency. On 9 January 2022 Pope Francis presided over the Holy Mass and the Baptism of some children.

The procedure to baptize your child is difficult but not impossible even if there is a long waiting list. It does not apply to children of divorced or separated or unmarried couples in church.

The first request is to be made to his pastor, who must write a "letter of suitability" and give permission to celebrate baptism outside his parish. The parish priest should point out that the parents took part in the special pre-baptismal formation course and that they are people who participate in Christian and parish life.

Parents will also have to write a letter to the Pope, asking him to celebrate the baptism of their son and motivating the request.

A baptism celebrated by Pope Francis in the Sistine Chapel

Once the family is chosen, a few days before, he will participate in a general rehearsal of the ceremony without the presence of the Pope.
The day of the ceremony will be the first time that parents and newborn will meet the Pontiff.
The rite will take place at the baptismal font inside the Sistine Chapel, which represents the Tree of Life that holds the rising sun between the branches. At the base is a stone from the Jordan which is the river where Jesus received Baptism.

If the family is not chosen, the Vatican will send an answer clarifying the reason (probably due to too many requests).

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