The Creation of Adam is probably the most famous fresco in the Sistine Chapel and among the most famous of modern art.

It was built by Michelangelo in about 1511 and is located in the ceiling. It was among the most complex and difficult paintings to make and took sixteen days. Michelangelo started from the figure of God and the Angels and subsequently frescoed the figure of Adam.

Adam is on the left side, lying on the ground in the attitude of those who are waking up, while God on the right side comes from heaven surrounded by angels.
The gaze of the Creator is firm, that of Adam seems to be naive amazement.

The Creation of Adam frescoed by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel

Michelangelo was inspired by the phrase of Genesis "God created man in his image" by drawing two similar bodies, both strong and robust; Adam is represented as a strong young man while God with a long beard and gray hair.

The two are leaning towards each other with their fingers almost touching. This famous gesture represents the divine breath of life. The index of the Creator is pointed towards man in an authoritative way, as if to spark a spark; Adam's hand, however, still appears weak, barely animated by the new energy that the Lord is transmitting to him.

The background of the scene does not contain many details and the light background further highlights the characters and the scene turns into a clear iconic message.

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