Useful information for visitors to the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel

It is not permitted to bring alcoholic and super alcoholic beverages inside the Sistine Chapel

Taking pictures and filming videos in the Sistine Chapel is strictly prohibited.It is allowed to take pictures without flash inside the Vatican Museums.

The cloakroom service is free of charge.

All knives, scissors and/or metal tools of various types to be stored in the cloakroom

In the Vatican Museums, waste cannot be abandoned, except in the special containers located in the areas outside the visit path.

Security checks by metal detector

Access to the Museums is not permitted to animals, even small ones, with the exception of guide dogs for the blind or partially-sighted

The use of mobile phones is not recommended in the Vatican Museums. It is forbidden in the Sistine Chapel. There is no Wi-Fi for security reasons.

In the Vatican Museums and in the Sistine Chapel smoking is forbidden (even electronic cigarettes).

In the Vatican Museums are relaxation areas with seats to enable the visitor to take a break

With respect for and in view of the sanctity of the location, during the visit to the Sistine Chapel visitors are kindly requested to observe absolute silence.

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